Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Try moving...literally

So before I get to enjoy in the splendor and wonder that is NYC....I have to move my sister Karrie into her new apartment. The good thing that it is in the same building, but the new place is upstairs. I packed her belongings, walked the 212 steps carrying said items, walked up the 17 stairs and walked back. I did this about 30 times. I even tried running back to make the time go faster. Throughout this pain, I thought it would be a good idea to make a blog about the amazing workout called MOVING! I did my research and I found this information on thedailyplate.com. Enjoy!

For a 130 lb. person, moving household items-upstairs burns 531 calories and hour and moving household items-carrying burns 413 calories an hour.

So the next time you ignore your friends phone calls when two days earlier he or she asked for help moving.....reconsider it. Happy workouts!

Moving - packing and unpacking boxes:
Moving activities that involve packing and unpacking boxes engage the arms, shoulders, abdominals and chest muscles in constant movement. Larger objects will require more energy and strength to lift and pack, and this can burn extra calories per hour. This can turn into a mild to moderate aerobic activity or workout.

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