Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Staying Fit While on Vacation

As I will be out of town for the next 6 days, I thought I should make a post on ways to stay in shape while enjoying your time off. I found this article on Enjoy!

We all know that vacationing can make for a huge set-back on your quest to get fit. I know vacationing is supposed to be a time where you can just feel good and relax, but relaxing can be difficult if you are feeling each pound add up, one by one, day by day....

  1. Plan Ahead to Fit in Fitness: Vacations should be an opportunity to re-energize, refresh, and relax -- not an excuse to take a break from health. When planning your vacation, opt for locations that will allow you to engage in physical activities you enjoy. Keep in mind that physical activity is the ticket to enjoying extra calories without weight gain.
  2. Be Prepared: When you travel, whether by plane, train, or automobile, be prepared with healthy food so you won’t have to eat whatever is available. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast, then pack easy and satisfying snacks or a small meal, such as a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato on whole-grain bread, a piece of fruit, and some cut-up veggies with hummus.
  3. Avoid Dining-Out Disasters: Eating out may pose the biggest challenge for avoiding vacation weight gain. "It is easy to control calories if you stay away from fried, crispy, or creamy foods; hold extras such as cheese and mayo; top salads with low-fat dressings; drink water instead of sodas -- simple things that can shave calories and make room for the special treats," says Blatner.
  4. Indulge in Moderation: Deprivation is no fun when you're on vacation. Instead, "the name of the game is moderation when it comes to controlling calories from treats and alcohol," says Blatner. So have one scoop of ice cream instead of the sundae, or split that decadent dessert with a dining companion.
  5. Pare Down Portions: Even when you're on vacation, portions count if you want to avoid weight gain.

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