Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wellness2Go Strikes Again

Atlanta is hurting. City Hall is short $50 million for its budget, we have the 16th most obese population in America and Georgia is 36th in terms of state funding for public health.

Wellness2Go is bringing together local government, private business, and organizations with Atlanta once again to promote being rewarded for getting healthy. For the last few months the Department of Recreation participated in Wellness2Go, but as of December 15, anyone in Atlanta can get fit and get rewarded.

This upcoming cycle, which lasts from December 15 to February 20, brings together sponsors from every part of the city. The kick-off event is at Crunch Gym on Piedmont Monday from 4pm to 8pm. Sponsors from the program will be there giving out free food and free massages. This is the time to sign-up and take advantage of a healthy alliance within Atlanta.
Sponsors for this cycle include West Egg Café, Eats, Café at Pharr, ParkGrounds, Highland Bakery, Mr. Everything Café, SaBor, Massage Envy (Ponce), Crunch Gym (Piedmont), and Gravity Fitness. Each business is offering a unique incentive or discount for you to participate in Wellness2Go.
During these tough times, why not take advantage of discounts, free gym memberships and a healthier lifestyle, you know you deserve it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Wellness2Go on the move

Cycle 1 of Wellness2Go is underway. The program which promotes living healthy through constant motivation for individuals and businesses in Atlanta is soon to be available all over the city. Currently, Wellness2Go is run with partnership through City Hall’s department of recreation.

Each of the sponsors for cycle 1 all met requirements of alternatives to the everyday fast food options. West Egg Café, Belly General Store, Return2Eden, Stone Soup Kitchen, Café at Pharr all share the concern to provide amazing foods while still maintaining healthy options.

Cycle 2 is set to kick-off December 15, 2008. By involving the whole city, the program looks to drastically improve the awareness of behavioral traits which lead people to obesity. In addition to providing people of Atlanta with motivation to eat healthy and businesses with incentives, 15% of all proceeds are going to be donated to charities within the city.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Atlanta on the right track

Currently Atlanta is ranked as the 16th most obese city in America. With just over a quarter of its population with a BMI of 30 or more, ATL needs a change. Known as a major commuter city, residents require something to get them going physically during the day. Also eating right can be tough in the South. Let’s be honest, when you have a place called Chicken and Waffles, your city has a problem with eating.

As of October the city is participating in a program called Wellness2Go. Members of this system work in City Hall and have access to incentives at healthy food locations and gyms. Not only are city employees being rewarded for living healthier but the food sponsors of their program have the same access to the incentives.

Wellness2Go falls under the new category of Integrated Health Marketing (IHM). Under programs like this, not only is a health issue the focus but equally important is offering marketing incentives to the community. By people in the community being rewarded for success disseminating the message, the program has true support everywhere.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Healthy Airports

At the Healthy Alliance, we aren’t just promoting a more fit city , we are promoting a healthier community, which means everyone working together. Millions of people travel for business, pleasure and various other reasons every day. Often times, people are stuck in airports with very little to do; eat at an overpriced restaurant, watch the same CNN fifteen-minute news loop, or surf the web. Why can’t there be something that not only gives passengers something to do, but lets them be more healthy?

The lack of gyms in airports is appalling. I am not talking a full 30,000 sq ft. complex, but something as simple as a large room with a few cycles, elliptical and resistance machines. Some airports around the country have already begun implementing this into the facility.

The facts are there, working out helps ease stress (last time I checked airports are stressful places with delayed flights, missed meetings, and just being around so many people), regular passengers won’t have to miss workouts due to traveling, and airport staff will now have something positive to do on breaks. So passengers might actually be more friendly when getting on flights, what a thought! Healthier travlers has brought one company to create this ad.

By sponsoring a gym, airlines could get more revenue from the workout room, therefore easing the pain of raising gas prices. The Healthy Alliance fully supports the idea of fitter travelers and has a full layout plan of different efficient workout tactics for travelers.

Friday, June 13, 2008

School Obesity

The topic of obesity in America is one that needs to be taken seriously. Almost 13 million people under the age of 20 are overweight according to the US Dept of Health & Human Services. The Surgeon General has suggested different initiatives and program guides on how schools can help. The programs are different ideas of what schools can do to help students be more fit.

I just read a report saying that kids aren’t responding to being told to diet. The way society is pressuring and advertising overweight teens to loose weight isn’t working. I am reminded of when I took a health class at UF and learned D.A.R.E. actually increased drug use among kids. Perhaps there needs to be a new, fresh approach on educating people on obesity, not on making overweight kids diet, but making your entire community responsible.

A program similar to the government’s is one sponsored by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation, named the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation seems to be a bit better of a layout. This brings me to my next point, the government needs to outsource obesity education. Schools around the country have begun to cut the physical education departments yet parents and teachers complain about the health of their kids.

That’s why at the Healthy Gainesville Alliance we have programs for schools in which we actually provide on-site health education specialists. Our program addresses finding smarter eating options, physical fitness, and community involvement. The reason why our campaign with school-aged kids will be effective is not only are we telling them what needs to be changed, but thanks to our community involvement from our food providers, we show them where they can eat. The Healthy Alliance doesn’t just tell kids to work out, we show them fun activities and give them new motivation to get out of the house. Our goal is not only to educate kids, but demand socially responsibility from companies within Gainesville.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Welcome to the new blog brought to you by The Healthy Gainesville Alliance, Inc. Our goal is to update readers on emerging issues in the field of obesity and what different companies are doing to fight this disease.

At The Healthy Alliance, changing habits for the better is our focus. By making smarter decisions and making companies in the community do the same we set the table for a positive environment for the future.

Be on the lookout for new articles and posts in the upcoming weeks!