Monday, July 6, 2009

Jump start your old routine! Shock it real good!

Has your workout gotten a little boring?? Well if it has then it is time to perk up and try something new or add some intensity. I found this amazing article on how to add some pep to your workout routine. It came from

Try it for yourself! Happy workouts!


A treadmill and a set of dumbbells you feel challenged with when doing biceps curls for a set of 15 reps. Most women can do 3-5kgs and most men can do 6-10kgs.


Jump on the treadmill for five minutes at a pace which is challenging. Stop after five minutes. Pick up the dumbbells and do these exercises in order with no rest in-between.

Step-ups on the side of the treadmill with dumbbells 10 reps each leg
Squats with dumbbells 15 reps
Lunges with dumbbells 10 reps each leg
Biceps curl with dumbbells 15 reps
Shoulder press with dumbbells 10 reps
Bent over rows with dumbbells 15 reps
Triceps dips on the side of the treadmill 15 reps
Press-ups next to the treadmill 15 reps
Into a plank for 30 seconds

Jump back on the treadmill and knock out another five minutes at a pace that challenges you. Repeat the whole workout five times. The whole workout will take you about 45 minutes.

If you are out doors with your resistance band you will simply find a route to do cardio' that starts and finishes at a park bench and takes five minutes to complete. Then simply apply the same circuit as above. Of course you will have to do the leg exercises without the band so do an extra five reps to increase intensity.

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