Saturday, January 24, 2009

Change in Atlanta Public Schools

Change. This word is in everyone’s minds as the 44th President, Barack Obama, took office this month.

January 20th as millions viewed change happening in America, the fifth floor of the Atlanta Public Schools officebuilding began its own change. Employees scheduled a Wellness2Go kick-off party to help celebrate change in their lives. Highland Bakery provided a spread of breakfast foods that were organic and quite delicious. Come lunchtime Mr. Everything Café generously supplied flavorful chicken, rice and veggie plates for employees to snack on.

This event marks the beginning of an integrated effort to improve health while rewarding employees. Instead of focusing on short-term weight loss, members will now have access to discounts that will aide them in getting healthy while making it fun and easy. Each month, wellness goals are going to be met such as BMI tracking, physical activities and healthy luncheons.

This office should be an example to everyone, instead of waiting for change; they are making it happen in their own lives.

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