Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wellness Returns to Gainesville

After its inception at the University of Florida, then a trip to Atlanta where it was implemented within City Hall and the Public School system, Wellness2Go returns to Gainesville to promote health awareness.

Wellness2Go aligns a group of healthy providers within the community and offers exclusive incentives for its members to engage in healthier living. The first cycle begins March 2 and runs to May 10 and the cost to enroll is $8.

This is truly a wonderful opportunity for the people of Gainesville and businesses which look to improve its reputation as a healthy provider. Sponsors for the first cycle are; D’Lites, Pita Pit, Momoyaki Sushi, The Gelato Company, A Better Massage, and Gainesville Health and Fitness.
Every person who signs-up for the program gets exclusive incentives, weekly promotions at the sponsors, the most current health info within Gainesville, and access to a party the second week of April with free food, massages, and gift giveaways from our sponsors.

To learn how to sign-up either stay posted here, check out our Facebook page, or e-mail us at .

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