Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wellness2Go Strikes Again

Atlanta is hurting. City Hall is short $50 million for its budget, we have the 16th most obese population in America and Georgia is 36th in terms of state funding for public health.

Wellness2Go is bringing together local government, private business, and organizations with Atlanta once again to promote being rewarded for getting healthy. For the last few months the Department of Recreation participated in Wellness2Go, but as of December 15, anyone in Atlanta can get fit and get rewarded.

This upcoming cycle, which lasts from December 15 to February 20, brings together sponsors from every part of the city. The kick-off event is at Crunch Gym on Piedmont Monday from 4pm to 8pm. Sponsors from the program will be there giving out free food and free massages. This is the time to sign-up and take advantage of a healthy alliance within Atlanta.
Sponsors for this cycle include West Egg Café, Eats, Café at Pharr, ParkGrounds, Highland Bakery, Mr. Everything Café, SaBor, Massage Envy (Ponce), Crunch Gym (Piedmont), and Gravity Fitness. Each business is offering a unique incentive or discount for you to participate in Wellness2Go.
During these tough times, why not take advantage of discounts, free gym memberships and a healthier lifestyle, you know you deserve it.

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