Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sore Muscles...

This week's blog is all about those pesky sore muscles you get the day after a workout. Let's say you attend this week's fitness classes at Lexington Crossing on Tuesday and Thursday as 5 p.m. and you want to know how to prevent and treat sore muscles. Well, I found some very helpful information on 

1. Apply an ice pack for 20 minutes to any area that hurts. Repeat this every hour until the pain subsides.

2. STRETCH before and after your workout to avoid sore muscles. If your muscles are already sore, stretch the sore area gently to rid your body of lactic acid, which contributes to the pain.

3. Walk 15 to 30 minutes at least once a day to increase circulation throughout your body. This will also help deliver much-needed oxygen to the sore muscles.

4. Stay hydrated. Drink a minimum of eight glasses (64 oz.) of water daily - more if you're active - to hydrate your body. Many physical problems, including sore muscles, can be attributed to poor hydration. Remember to drink plenty of water. If you are doing very vigorous exercise for a long period of time, you may want to consider drinking water that has been fortified with electrolytes. 

5. Avoid strenuous activity as long as you're in pain.

A personal tip. Keep working out. You might be sore the first few times, but eventually you get used to it!!! 

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