Saturday, June 28, 2008

Healthy Airports

At the Healthy Alliance, we aren’t just promoting a more fit city , we are promoting a healthier community, which means everyone working together. Millions of people travel for business, pleasure and various other reasons every day. Often times, people are stuck in airports with very little to do; eat at an overpriced restaurant, watch the same CNN fifteen-minute news loop, or surf the web. Why can’t there be something that not only gives passengers something to do, but lets them be more healthy?

The lack of gyms in airports is appalling. I am not talking a full 30,000 sq ft. complex, but something as simple as a large room with a few cycles, elliptical and resistance machines. Some airports around the country have already begun implementing this into the facility.

The facts are there, working out helps ease stress (last time I checked airports are stressful places with delayed flights, missed meetings, and just being around so many people), regular passengers won’t have to miss workouts due to traveling, and airport staff will now have something positive to do on breaks. So passengers might actually be more friendly when getting on flights, what a thought! Healthier travlers has brought one company to create this ad.

By sponsoring a gym, airlines could get more revenue from the workout room, therefore easing the pain of raising gas prices. The Healthy Alliance fully supports the idea of fitter travelers and has a full layout plan of different efficient workout tactics for travelers.

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